Dr. Sudeshna Adak

Dr. Sudeshna Adak
Founder and CEO, Omix Labs

Dr Sudeshna Adak is the Founder of OmiX Labs, a biotech startup in Bangalore, that is developing an infection and antimicrobial resistance detection platform for the bottom of the pyramid. Over the last 5 years, Sudeshna has steered OmiX from self funded to being grant funded to getting investment into OmiX and now to getting the first customers. Prior to OmiX, Sudeshna spent 20 years of her career in the field of biotechnology, healthcare and diagnostics – spanning stints in academia (Harvard School of Public Health) and senior management roles at R&D in multinational corporations (IBM, GE Healthcare). Sudeshna holds a PhD in Statistics from Stanford University and has worked with multidisciplinary teams devoted to healthcare during her career. Her vision for OmiX is to develop technologies that make healthcare different for the billions who most need it and yet cannot afford it.

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