Dr. Aastha Madaan

Dr. Aastha Madaan
Senior Data Scientist, Arup, London

Aastha Madaan is a Senior Data Scientist at Arup, London. She is a well published data scientist with a proven commercial experience. She has over a decade of experience in applications of AI, ML and IoT in academia, industry and the built environment. Aastha received a PhD in Computer Science from University of Aizu, Japan in 2014. After her PhD on designing query languages for healthcare practitioners, she joined IIIT-Bangalore as a post-doctoral research fellow. She received the Royal Academy of Engineering UK’s Newton Award to visit University of Southampton in 2015. Aastha joined University of Southampton as a research fellow in 2016 to research on designing Web (and IoT) observatories for sharing data with various academic and industrial institutions within the Web Science Trust network and other stakeholders in the UK. She was part of the UK’s AI delegation to Taiwan in 2017. Aastha has delivered a number of talks at several international conferences, universities in UK, China, Amsterdam, Singapore, India and Taiwan. She received staff achievement award for her contribution to research on IoT data sharing infrastructures and Web Observatory. Her research interests include data governance, data management, data science and machine learning. Aastha has published in several renowned conferences and journals.

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