Day 3 | Technical Session 4 | January 29, 2021: 03:00 pm to 05:30 pm

Theme: Research Data Management and Libraries

eScience is the convergence of different sets of trends and technologies that have radically transformed the scientific method and the conduct of science. As science moves towards a data-intensive and collaborative approach, digital technologies have both strengthened the power and reach of data and raised new challenges for the research community. Sharing research data is not only of paramount importance, but becoming an imperative. If we can share and reuse research data, perform comparative studies over data obtained by different research projects, design different applications of the data, and extract maximum benefits for the cost incurred to obtain the data. The bedrock of eScience is the infrastructure and processes of data management such as mining, extraction, curation and analysis of humongous quantities of data from distributed systems, along with the ability to share the ideas and results of the analysis to help discover patterns and trends and advancing science.

Research Data Management (RDM) which has emerged as new sub domain  involves the organization, storage, preservation, and sharing of data collected and used in research. Scientists and institutions confront many challenges in their efforts to preserve for long term use while keeping up with the evolving data standards and effectively share data along with enforcing some restrictions, and obstacles to data sharing and data reuse. Inadequate data management processes in addition to lack of institutional policies and infrastructure are some of the critical issues.

RDM has emerged as a special interest group consisting of diverse disciplinary groups—data scientists, scientists, and the library and information scientists.

This Session is focused on outlining and delineating the gamut of issues— policies and principles; best practices; processes and technologies, metadata, copyright and licensing issues; da repositories/portals infrastrcuture and cost ; and others

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