Informatics Innovation Award


Nomination Guidelines

(for The Best Innovation in Library & Information Science)

Nomination Terms & Instructions

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Library Technology Conclave (LTC2021), an Innovative virtual Program2021, is scheduled during January 27-30, 2021 invites nominations from institutions, for the Innovation Award presented to the Best Innovation in LIS of the Year. The selection of the nominee institution for the award will be based on the benchmark set by a team of juries for the best innovation. The nominations received will be evaluated based on the procedures and criteria outlined in this document.

There will be two awards, one each for the following two categories of Libraries:

  • Category-1: Universities or autonomous educational institutions offering Ph.D. & post-doctoral programs and Research Institutes.
  • Category-2: School, College & Public Libraries – (Includes Professional Colleges like Medical, Engineering & Management etc. and under-graduate colleges offering bachelor’s degrees in Science, Commerce, Arts and Humanities)

Innovation - Definition

Innovation is the introduction of a new or improved process, product, or service measured by the twin parameters of efficiency of speed/cost; and effectiveness of reach/spread/depth.

Evaluation Criteria

Examples of functional, Processes and service areas of LIS where new Innovations are deployed.

(Including but not limited to the following)

  1. Technology/Service used for fresh Initiatives or partnerships with peer institutions in sharing technology/e-resource/service or collaborative collection development.
  2. New Products and Processes in the area of LIS
  3. Innovative User Experience and Service Initiatives
  4. COVID Centric Innovations in Library
  5. Innovative applications of Hardware and Software (Example RosberryPi)
  6. Integration of Library with the institution’s technology infrastructure like ERP or E-Governance System
  7. Implementation of Research data management system
  8. Research Metrics Tools, Citation Tools and Institutional Ranking Tools

There are several examples in literature on innovations in libraries:  Here are a few examples found in literature.

Awards Committee

Nominations will be reviewed by a team of five Juries who are leading experts in the field.

Review & Selection

  1. The awards committee will screen and shortlist the nominations.
  2. Round-1: Shortlisted nominations will be invited to make 15-20 minutes presentation before the Committee of Juries two weeks before the Conclave.  This presentation will be online through a webinar platform.  Best-five presentations judged in this round will be selected for final presentation in the Conclave on 30th January. 
  3. Round-2:  Each of the best-5 selected nominees in round-1 will make a 10 minutes presentation at the conclave. The best judged presentation at the conclave shall receive the Informatics Innovation Award. 
  4. The nominee Institute/Library agrees to provide access to the members of the awards committee, or all the systems and technologies related to Innovation at the nominee institutes listed in the nomination form submitted by the nominee institute/library. Selected nominees will be required to make a short 5-6 minutes presentation highlighting the unique and innovative aspects  

Awards Presentation

The nominee institutions selected for the Informatics Innovation Award will receive the Certificate of Merit and a Plaque during the valedictory session of the Conclave

General Terms and conditions:

  1. Nominations must be made through the appropriate online nomination form available at the LTC-2021 website –
  2. Nominations are open to any Library irrespective of self or service provider supported Innovation. But the innovation should be novel, and its implementation should be explained and show-cased/demonstrated in the Conclave. 
  3. The Institute/Library applying for nomination should register as a delegate represented by one of its staff for attending LTC-2021 and making a presentation. Registration is free. There shall be a separate session at the Conclave on the “Innovations in LIS” in which the nominated delegates will be given the opportunity to present the institution’s achievement in qualifying for the Innovation award.
  4. The awards committee will have absolute discretion on the final selection of nominations for presentations and the decision on the award. The committee’s decision shall dbe final and no discussion on the final outcome shall be entertained. 
  5. The following persons/organizations will not be entitled to participate in this award nomination.
    1. Institutions/Libraries involved with the organization of LTC-2021.
    2. Institutions/Libraries who plan to partner as co-hosts for LTC-2022.
    3. Institutions/Libraries whose staff members are in the Awards Committee of Innovation award. 
  6. However, these exclusions will not be applicable to Institutions/Libraries represented by invited speakers of the Conclave.
  7. Organizers of LTC2021 will not be responsible for the lost, mislaid, incomplete or delayed nominations
  8.  Registration for the award signifies acceptance by the nominee Institution/Library and the delegates representing the Institution/Library of all details, terms and conditions outlined in this document and the nomination form.

Submission of Nomination

The Nomination forms are in two parts. These duly filled nomination forms, along with the Website/URL and access credentials to the services for review by the Jury should be on Google form before January 22, 2021.

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